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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shop ohmydarling

It's been awhile hasn't it? I've been too busy with my previous job the past month and I just found free time this past week! Anyway I've drafted about 4 posts here already, just haven't found time to  blog about the content yet so here it is! The first one will be an advertorial + review for the blogshop OHMYDARLING

I personally picked this lace top and was quite impressed with it's quality! Their apparels are relatively cheap too as most of it are preorders. Don't you girls love how this piece gives that demure & feminine yet cute kind of look? 
Close up shot of the design.

Surprisingly, this top is rather easy to pair bottoms with. I've tried pairing it with long skirts, skater skirts and even casual denim high waists hahaha yes indeed it is a really versatile top!
Quite in love with the thin material too cause the weather's been pretty hot these days. 
Other than that, I chose the kitty headbands too and I'm planning to give it away to one of my lucky readers just so I could share the love of giving & receiving this festive season. How bout that? 

Readers of my blog get to enjoy free normal postage while shopping with them, simply quote "chasingdistance" in your purchase with them http://www.ohmydarlinggg.blogspot.com/ Have a very merry christmas and don't lose out on christmas shopping this year girls! 

Candid shots of me snapped by the bf. 

11/12/12 marked our 20th month together and both Marc & I only realized it when the day was close to an end lol!!! Guess time really passes so much faster when you're spending loads of precious time together. Hope we'll get to spend many birthdays, christmas, valentines, years together ya? Plus its safe to say that I love & adore you as much as when I first fell in love with you and even more as days passes. :)

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