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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October fourth.

Back from my weeks worth of hiatus! I apologize for the lack of updates here too....... Wonder who's still reading this dead space. Anyway, I have got loads of pictures rotting off Marc's desktop so I thought I'd get them uploaded here so I can clear it all off to recycle bin. The proportions of these pictures below is MAD HUGE!!! About 4000ish x 2-3000ish. Yeah ikr. Been taking pictures with his baby 7D these days so I guess better quality pictures are generally enormous in size & proportions THUS it takes almost forever to finish uploading. Plus its even worse when I upload it online just to get the pictures edited - chrome just suddenly lags like mad and if unlucky, it crashes with youtube as a whole!!! Are we the only ones experiencing this or are there others who experiences the same things when they upload huge ass files online?

Alright enough of the ranting, back to blogging. I've been really busy these days and to get sick is really the last thing I would want to happen right now. Yeah, I could cut some slack but I really hate feeling so weak and exhausted. Have had an ongoing cough, flu &; blocked nose for almost 3 days already and now my throat's starting to feel really really sore. Appetite's close to none and I sound like a she-male now. Excellent.

This set of pictures were taken about a week ago I think.

The skies were just too blue and lovely that day!

And did I mention that photography can get really fun?

The ones below are actually written by marc &I with his phone's torch believe it or not. All he did was to adjust his camera's aperture, shutter speed and whatnot. These are called light trails! Beautiful right? 
Haha too lazy to invert this.
Below are some of Marc's works. All taken with his baby 7D. What do you think?  

Love this one below. Looks like I grabbed it from tumblr but its actually taken somewhere near. 
This too was taken at home. It's actually an air purifier or something like that. Looks scientifically legit ya?

Trees have never looked this pretty....
The metallic man!
Really wonder how he did all this while actually capturing a shot. Inception lol.

100% cropped.
Lovely socks!!!

Pictures below were taken right after we had fun shooting paintball! It was a rather steamy, sweaty night though. Haha dont get me wrong. Nights have been so humid these days that I'm having showers almost 3 times a day!!!

Been awhile since I last posted pictures of Marc & I here yeah? Hope he hasnt feel neglected all this while... Our r/s will stay as sweet, loving and feisty for as long as we love ok don't you worry!

"That's what I like about you." "Oh really?" HAHAHA

Hehe candid shots have never been so fun!

We love what's familiar. I'm too familiar with you.
Ok I feel like daisies!!! Goodbye. xoxoxo

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