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Thursday, September 6, 2012


This post will be an answer to all the questions I've received on formspring/email with regards to weight loss and also whitening products I found effective after using it religiously over these period of months. 

Besides using only whitening lotions, you girls might have to use a good scrub to exfoliate the dead skin accumulated on your body off! Scrub at least once or twice a week. For all you know, the accumulated dead skin could be the cause of your skin's discoloration and pigmentation. That was the case for me and now that I've run out of the scrub I usually use, I can really feel a slight difference in my skin texture and tone! No longer have that healthy shiny glow, just dullness...so better start scrubbing occasionally now lest you want both your hands and legs to feel like the heels of your feet!

(1) A really good recommendation for a body scrub would be Soap & Glory's "The Scrub Of Your Life." It really did work its magic on my skin and does what it claims. You'll be surprised how both your elbows & knees no longer feels that rough after just the 1st usage! The small bumps from the back of my hands were also gone too. Not forgetting the glow it gives after you apply moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying out too much! I did try scrubs from bodyshop and crabtree & evelyn but bodyshop's didn't really work wonders and c&e's were a little pricey! Heard quite a few good reviews from Lush but I've yet to try them out so this by far has been the only scrub I keep coming back for. Bought mine at Sephora for about SGD $19. Really quite a deal for a tube that size!
(2) Next step would be to moisturize and this body butter really moisturizes like no other hahaha! Soap & Glory's body butter comes in a really thick concentrate and I usually apply this first before applying the other whitening lotions. I know how some of you girls hate applying thick, concentrated products on yourself but this body butter feels just like your 2nd skin once you spread it evenly. Used to have really dry, close to flaky skin but this helped ward that off. You can get yours at Sephora for about SGD $22. Their items are really really affordable right!!! Works wonders and cute packaging too. :P

(3) Now, the whitening products most of you have been asking for - no fancy whitening brands though, just plain ol' NIVEA! Many of us has this weird mentality that if a product is really really good you'll see difference right after the first usage but sad to say, throughout my years of trying new whitening products for my body, none gave a really "impressive" difference after the 1st usage! Can you guys imagine just how many products I've been trying and switching to? From vaseline to jergens to garnier and to nivea back again lol! So I stuck with Nivea for a quite a fare time since it was the most availably-convenient whitening brand of them all. Guess that's the misconception all us girls have on whitening products like this. My tip would be to use them regularly (twice a day) for a long long period of time! Till date, this is already the 3rd 400ml bottle of Nivea Extra Whitening & Cell Repair Protect Body Milk 50x I've used and there really is quite a difference in my skin tone. I used to be about 1-2 skin tones darker than Marcus believe it or not. Now I'm so much fairer than him haha! If you guys were to scroll thrugh my previous post titled "Change", you'll get to see just how bloody TAN I was omg... So hope this goes as a tip for all those who wants to get fairer skin! It takes time. (: Product available at leading dept stores like Watsons/Guardian for about SGD $13?
(4) On times when I head out, I'll skip the body butter (2) and have it replaced with this instead - Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 22. It acts as a serum with SPF, helps ward off UV rays so it kind of whitens and blocks UV rays even when you're out. I don't really use sun block whenever I'm out so this is a great alternative for me. Will also apply the extra whitening cell repair lotion (3) after I apply just a thin layer of this so I get that extra whitening fix. Also claims that you'll get fairer within 14 days! Not really sure about that cause I rarely keep track but there is a difference in the tone of my skin now. No more uneven skin tones too. This, also available at all leading dept stores like Watsons/Guardians for about SGD $10?
Till date, I have yet to try any whitening products with immediate whitening effects right after the first usage but I have heard of really effective reviews about the Cathy Doll L-Gluthathione Magic Cream SPF 130PA+++ from http://cathaydoll.com.sg and would LOVE to try it! Some reviews even comparing Nivea with it. Saw some of the video tutorials too and it really works wonders leh! Claims that it whitens, tightens pores, protects skins from UVA & UVB rays and lightens dark spots? Has anyone of you tried this and did it work wonders or does the product go off right after contact with water? Would love to hear your take on this product so feel free to drop me a question on formspring or drop me a mail!

Other products from Cathy Doll I found interesting! The Instant Snow White Body in 3 mins (Body Snow Mask) & the Instant Radiant Snow White Skin (Body Snow Cream).

I believe masking helps in whitening the face temporarily and works great as a "perk-me-up" product you run to before a date or a party. I suggest you girls opt for skincare products which contains whitening agents. This would work in the long run. Call me crazy but I've been masking my face every single night to hopefully maintain my skin's moisture till I stock up on my usual skincare products! Haha cheaper alternative too! Some of you may ask if it's alright to be masking every day but don't worry the kiasu me has already done her homework! Here you go http://www.vivawoman.net/2008/10/24/can-you-use-a-face-mask-everyday/ Try to use sheet masks if you're opting for daily usage cause usually they contain only essence and nothing too harsh for everyday use! Also try to avoid exfoliating/peeling masks for daily usage cause they tend to strip the essential oils your skin produces and as a result you'll get a breakout when your skin produces more to replace. 

So about 2 weeks ago I went to Guardian to get several face masks to hopefully replace my usual skincare products for the time being and below are some of the ones which helped alot in whitening-temporarily. 

(1) My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Masks, $16.90 for a pack of 10 sheets at Guardian. 
(2) My Beauty Diary Lemon Masks. $14.90 for a pack of 10 sheets at Guardian. 

(3) IPL White Lux Ampoule Mask by Leader's Clinic, $3.95-$4.95 (if I'm not wrong) per sheet at Guardian. 
For those who really wants an effective and strong whitening fix, you could try SK2's whitening source derm revival mask https://estore.tangs.com/product_info.php?products_id=2614. Tried this quite some time ago when my mum was a devoted SK2 user but now that she's switched to sloane clinic's skincare products, I can no longer get free pampering treats from SK2... Worked really well for a whitening mask though. Guess that explains the price!
And if any of you girls need a product which promotes faster healing of scars, burns, lightening of dark spots, blemishes, try Fruit of the Earth's 100% Aloe Vera Gel. Available at Unity Pharmacies for less than $15? Got to tell you that it doesn't really work wonders though! Helps reduce the size of your pimples but not vanishing it totally though. Does lighten up scars a tiny bit too. 

My version of weight-losing tips. 
(Edited for your own safety, mine's a little too...absurd hahaha.)

1. Try to incorporate that "I'm not hungry!" mentality in your life. 
Seriously. I get hungry almost all the time but whenever I have the urge to eat or snack I'll think of how this little urge could leave me fat. Like what they say, a little goes a long way. If you want to lose weight bad enough, this will be a piece of cake! Try this for at least 21 days and soon it'll be a habit. 

2. Learn how to say no. Especially to fattening food. 

3. Cut your meal proportions SLOWLY. Try not finishing about 1/3 of whatever that's on your plate for about 2 weeks. Then try not finishing about 1/2 by the next two weeks. Soon it'll be a habit and your appetite will definitely grow smaller. 

4. Cut the number of meals you take SLOWLY. I've been practising this diet for a few months now and I eat just 1 meal per day.

5. If you're feeling hungry, turn to low fat wholemeal biscuits, fruits or make yourself a warm cup of cereal/oatmeal drink/iced milo/tea to "quench" the hunger away. Or maybe some hot campbell soup? Liquids are much easier to digest compared to solid foods so try to turn to something liquid instead. 

6. Drink plenty of water to avoid water retention. Water is the only substance that can make you gain a couple of kilos overnight so be sure to drink at least 5-6 glasses a day before your body decides to "retain" water. TIP: substitute plain water with fruit juice if you really hate taking plain water.

7.  Avoid excessive salt & sugar intake at all costs.

8. Dont take rice, potato or anything too rich in carbohydrates. I will try to substitute it with proteins like small portions of fish/chicken instead and avoid all other fattening meats.

9. Repeat all of the above daily till it becomes a habit.

10. Please exercise!!! You wouldn't want yourself to look all flabby even after losing weight right? You dont really have to hit the gym or go for rigorous jogs. I do about 50 jumping jacks and squats when I'm in the showers every morning and another 50 sit ups & modified push ups before my night shower. Just this will do if you're someone who doesnt consume much calories in a day. TIP: try brisk walking for about 30 mins/day instead of jogging if you dont want to grow muscles on your legs. 

Hope that helps. Good luck! xoxo

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