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Monday, September 3, 2012


Greetings! Am here for a really quick update. Hope this will suffice till both the September haul post & Amberleffe's 4th collection shoot I'm going to have over this weekends are done. Assisted clara with the modelling of some of the clothes she's letting off about a few weeks ago. She has plenty to sell so feel free to take a look at them if you're interested before they're all taken! Most of the apparels are brand new or worn only once and the proceeds will be given to charity. Had so much fun laughing and she really is a good coach when it comes to posing for pictures please! My pleasure to be helping her with it as she's done so much for me in the past. (:

Below are only some of the apparels she's letting off! For more, visit http://chanclara.blogspot.sg


Hehe even got to keep this lovely ohsofickle piece to myself! The tiger print and studs are just too lovely right?


Living to fulfil my dreams? I don't think so. Not that I don't have any but I feel my dreams are too...far-fetched for someone who wastes time like me. Yeah sure, I would love to call a penthouse my own. Or to speed around town in an sls amg. To set up a small business. To  earn more than my future husband hahahaha all by the age of 27. I feel all this are just goals I've set in life to achieve. I'm only 17 now and to achieve all this within 10 years? Not an impossible thing to do but definitely not an easy one I feel especially with just an O level cert. Cant help but to feel guilty bout not studying hard enough as I type this. :/ With studies, you get an easier way out in life. So to all those who are still lazying and wasting your life away, time to wake up! You really do get an easier way out with knowledge especially when it's time to head out to get a job. Don't be like me. Always crying over spilt milk. Meh. Speaking of dreams, I do have them actually - some of which I just thought of while typing this. :P

1. To have breakfast at Tiffany's.
2.  Visit the 7 wonders of the world.
3. Bungee jump.
5. Have womenly abs like how you see those ladies don them in each step up movie LOL. Sounds like a joke but seriously, I want womenly abs!!!
6. Pick up pole dancing/yoga/pilates/painting courses.
7. Get a birkin by 20 with my own savings...and as many choos too please hehe.
8. Design my own unique clothings. Not for sale but for my very own use. Sketch them, pick my own materials, sew them, everything by myself. Imagine how fun that'd be!
9. Give my kids the life I never got. Nothing but the best.
10. Send my parents on oversea trips annually when I'm financially stable and to give my mum one heck of a shopping trip whenever she feels like going on one! This is to pay for every shopping trip she's given both me and my sister throughout this years of living. Thank you mummy, for everything. I'll always love you. (:
11. Be happy. Always.

All the above may seem like a list of TO-DOS- B4-I-DIE list but no I shall not set ridiculous dreams like to marry a prince or to be a billionaire or to own 7 lamborghinis, 3 bugattis and 8 mclarens. I prefer to keep them simple and achievable. I will live my dreams! Doesn't matter if it takes 10 years, 30 years, 50 years down the road as long as I achieve them! :D How about you guys? Do you have dreams?

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