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Friday, August 10, 2012

Random nicknacks.

Good morning. I see many happy souls around but why cant I feel the same? Haha JK JK. Currently getting two posts done over a hot cup of noodles. Yes, TWO. I would give a yay to the effort given in trying to multi task/save time and nay to the absurd amount of brain power I have to produce to even "try" making the contents on this two posts sound proper. Ok, so I've decided to not save time/multi task and get started on this post first...
Now where was I? Oh yes, the pictures! This set of pictures were taken like 3 days ago?
#ootd on the 7th of Aug 2012. 
And pardon the many self-obsessed camwhore shots taken in this post LOL cause this is what I always do whenever my macbook's near...

Pictures from last week - most of which were taken and already uploaded on instagram! So follow me there  if you hate waiting for picture updates here cause I am definitely more active on instagram. (;


My dearest Tiffany, the NFC or should I say "wedgie" with olive colored eyes? Hehe.
A shadow of me & the boyfriend taken by the boyfriend. Haha yeah, he can get kinda lame and all loveable at times too.
A doodle I did on his phone some weeks ago.
And the day I had honey stars for bfast/lunch/dinner. I still prefer koko crunch though. Funny how honey stars managed to change SO MUCH in terms of shape and taste!!! Sucks.
#ootd at this pretty apartment in loyang. 

More pictures from instagram...

Trying to learn the guitar now but I've been way too busy this past few days! Hope to get a few songs wrapped under my fingers when I have time.

#ootd shot again hahaha.

Restocked on my current favourite cleanser my skin cant ever live without! Ole henriksen. (;
& really tiny bite-sized chestnut biscuits! Tastes great and looks too cute to be true huh?

Alright! That's about it for now. Time for me to get started on Amberleffe's post! See you sweethearts! X

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