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Saturday, August 25, 2012


It's hard dealing with what people say about you sometimes. I don't ever feel good enough. Never.

Anyway pictures below are from the photo shoots (collection 1&2) I've been having with Amberleffe. It's been so much fun working with them! Do head over to http://amberleffe.weebly.com and take a look at their collection 2! As usual, plenty of chic totes made of good quality rest assured. Personally love the totes they brought in this time around! (:

Pictures from collection 2!

My picks on this collection!

Izzac top in black - also available in a sorta peach pink shade. Made of really good quality chiffon I feel! Pair it with any highwaist/skirts of your choice and you're good to go!

What I absolutely love about this vintage graffiti top in milk white? You can pair it with ANY choice of bottom wear and not look weird. VoilĂ ! Two completely different looks! Too lovely!

Pretty ombre shorts and they're only going for $21! 
Zara inspired tote bag in black - fit to carry on any occasions. Comes along with a small pouch which can be used as a clutch itself. What a deal! 2 bags for the price of 1!
Also available in red.

And the other bags they brought in for this collection! 

Check their website for more great deals under the sales section http://amberleffe.weebly.com/
and don't hesitate to like their facebook page 
Subscribe to their mailing list for first hand updates. See you girls in the next collection! 

Ah...pictures below taken just a few days ago with Marc's Samyang Fish Eye Lens. Love just how wide angled the lens is! The camera was literally right in front of my face when he snapped this shot! Kinda surprised that it wasn't really zoomed in as I thought it would be and how it doesnt make my face look that wide LOL yeah I understand how some fish eye lenses could make your face look really really huge and round - he told  me that that too could be adjusted! Oh my...
Trust me when I say he had his camera just a few centimetres away from my face in all this coming shots HAHAHA I was begging him to not place the camera so near throughout! Turned out really well though. You could even see my legs lol.

Paid a visit to Salon Vim few weeks ago and decided to get a new hair color & a cut! I am quite impressed at how bright the colors turned out to be - seriously hahahaha. In love with the natural waves they gave me too. Wish I knew how to blow them myself though so I can have beautiful waves every single day!
And this is how my hair looks like now! Just came to realize that my hair grows really really fast in length? It's only been less than a month! Can I have them grow thicker instead of longer instead??? Kind of sad that the highlights have faded from copper reds to now an orangey brown. The base color has also lightened quite a bit. Sigh that's what I hate about red colored hair. The maintenance is crazy and I'm one really really lazy person.

Pictures from instagram below -
Playing around with camera apps. So much fun. Just kidding. I was just really really bored!
Instagrammer Chan snapped this candidly to post it on his instagram lol.
Initially tried to blog two posts over a hot cup of noodles but mission-multi-tasking: FAIL. 
At cineleisure with his siblings the other day.
We went to take neoprints after having the time of our lives in the arcade! The booth was so so so small. Didnt remember neoprint booths being THIS cramped!! Or maybe I've grown so much in size since the last time I went to take neoprints...and the fact that there were 6 of us adults in that tiny booth lol. Went to catch a movie right after. Lovely night well spent!
Playing ard with apps again..........

That's about it I guess. Stay tuned to my coming posts!
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  1. Your hair from Salon Vim looks not bad! No wonder quite a few people on  http://www.beautyundercover.sg/hair/salon-vim-chez…s-313-somerset like it. I'm really glad I read your review coz I didn't realize reds fade away!

  2. Hey Evangeline, love the blog, lots of cool pictures!

    I just launched a new website in Singapore called www.ZupaDo.com. The site helps people find the best hair salons (and stylists), it would be sooooooo awesome if you could do a really quick review of Salon Vim on the site. Last week we had over 15,000 visitors trying to find a new hair salon, your advice and review of the Salon Vim would be really cool and honest and really help people :)

    Also, we are always looking for Models for hair photoshoots, we do the shoots at salons like Artisan and Toni and Guy. If you would like to get your hair styled for free sometime, send us a message on www.facebook.com/zupado, you would be perfect for some of our features we do.

    Keep blogging, you're awesome!