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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amberleffe's launch.

So about a week ago, I was asked to help with a shoot for Amberleffe's first collection and I had Marcus to come join me as photographer for the day! Both the blogshop owners are really nice and understanding people so shopping with Amberleffe will definitely be a pleasant one with excellent service, rest assured! (:

Their apparels, sandals and bags are all of good quality and I was really quite surprised to see their price range from $17 onwards!!! Goodness...

One of my favourite picks - made from really good stretchy cotton material! 

One of my other favourite picks - the Topshop inspired tribal top. Really love the silk-like material!

And did I mention metal-plated sandals? Just a few days before the shoot, I browsed through the net and saw a pair of really cute metal-plated sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti!!! Little did I know that Amberleffe would be bringing a few metal-plated sandals in (and they have the exact ones I want from their supplier YAY such awesomeness). Really looking forward to getting it from them when the stock comes in!!!  

You girls gotta LOVE this prada inspired bag cause I am in love with it's chic design and material! Made from good synthetic leather and able to fit A4 size without looking too big & bulky. Go get yours now before they run low on stocks!

It was really fun working with them especially when I get to have the boyfriend to take the pictures instead of someone else! HAHAHA really made me feel less awkward too. Thanks for your hard work & effort handsome boy. Love you. X

Remember to check AMBERLEFFE out! Their 2nd collection is also on its way so do stay tuned for upDATES. (;

That's all for now I guess! *abrupt end*

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