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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100th post - change.

Here's a very good morning to everyone who's awake & reading this right now ya? This marks my 100th post on chasingdistance and I thought I'd make this post a really simple yet interesting one before heading to bed. This time around, I'll talk about change. 

BEHOLD! A picture of the oldest and very first profile picture (I THINK?!?!?!) found on my facebook profile pictures album dated all the way back in 2009ish-2010ish? DONT JUDGE.
 And a picture of the very latest one which I've updated not too long ago.
Back in 2009. Gosh I was so tanned & fat back then! I remember how I used to "LOVE" the sun & outdoors so much. Used to play netball in primary school a lot and of course the occasional drills I had during every band practice when I first entered secondary school. Yes, all band members had to march under the scorching sun and do push ups on the burning/dirty/concrete hard floor if we didn't get the march right...Oh ya! Not forgetting the times when I used to have mcdonalds for supper every single night! Good ol' fat & tan times!
Early 2010. All plump & chubby.

   Late 2010. Still plump & chubby...
This one below was one of Marc's favourite photo of me back then hahahaha. Still remember how he used to secretly log in to my facebook profile just to change my profile pic to this particular one and we'll have this crazy "changing-of-profile-pictures-spam-and-arguments" because I didn't quite like this photo. Just look at those huge arms & nose!!!!!!! Yeah this is so awkward hahahaha idk why I'm telling you guys all these. -_-
Early 2011. Gained more weight.......
Another one of his favourites hehe. Good old memories.
Late 2011.

And now, 2012.

In a photoshoot then - 2010 HAHAHA what was I thinking back then......
 And pictures from a photo shoot taken a few weeks ago.

DRASTIC DRASTIC CHANGES. I have changed both physically & mentally throughout this 17+ years of living and I'm just glad I haven't regretted changing-YET. I used to be the girl who got rejected by the guy I spent years crushing on. But hey, look at what I've got now - a lovely, changed boyfriend who loves me more than anyone could ever imagine. I've learnt that without effort & hard work, you'll never achieve anything. I used to have weight issues but with the right kind of mindset &determination, I got the hang of controlling my big ass appetite lol. Still far from what I want but I'm sure I'll live to be the kind of skinny I want to be one day. So to all who has similar dreams or goals you want to achieve, never give up! Good luck! X

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