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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What happened?

So about a month ago, both me & Marc decided to call it quits. I believe that didn't came as a big surprise to the both of us cause we've been there, done that so so many times. Till I thought, "You've had enough. Don't waste your life on a guy who's always asking you to leave. Its time to wake up." My very last memory of him wasn't a really fond one but I admit I was the one who really left. I left him hanging the way he left me hanging. And yes, there were the good times but when you find yourself crying and being so upset over the one who's supposed to bring you happiness instead, is really just wrong. So I decided to move on with life and start prioritizing.

I was doing really well forgetting him actually. Getting to know different kinds of people, everything. I straightened out my life a whole lot somehow. I started going home every single day after work and spent the right amount of time with the right people. My mind almost completely taken off everything that has to do with Marcus. I didn't cry or budge when I see him tweeting hurtful things or talking/getting to know other girls and many other ridiculous things which I choose not to mention here. But at the end of the day, deep down I know I still care.....those who knew me well enough knows.

Long story short, I went to pick my stuffs up from him few days ago and that was when we finally came to this conclusion - to work things out. Deep inside I was really really scared to give that one last chance cause I've given plenty and all I got in return was dissappointment. I was somehow reluctant to give up the life I've "prioritized" and it feels like all the walls I built round my heart came crashing down in vain just like that. But guess what? He really is a changed man. It was really shocking to see him trying and changing THIS much. He's been waking up really really early just to have breakfast with me before sending me off to work and makes it a habit to take me out to dinner after I end work. He lets me be the decisionmaker now and he'll cancel plans with his friends if he knows it's far too late to be out whenever I have work the day after. He lets me have so much sleep and advices me to spend more time with my family. There's just too many changes to list it all down here but I'm glad I gave him this chance. They say that people change with time but during this period apart, I just got to realize that sometimes, it's time that changes people. 

Anyway, pictures below were taken bout a few days back.

Dinnner wtih Marc Marc. :D

And photos taken on webcam hehehe. 

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