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Friday, July 6, 2012


Good 12am everyone! How was your Friday night? Cause I've been wasting mine away with sleep. Yes, horrible and what a waste, I know. Anyway, just thought I'll get a post done since I've got nothing better to do. Just a few pictures taken this past few days. Most of which are already in instagram so for those who hasn't followed me yet, follow me here (I do update instagram more often than I do update my blog) -

Yes I know, I gained weight recently and I have proof - 
(about 5 weeks ago)
 (about 3 weeks ago)

And me now. Haha what a difference I must say! Still thinking if I should get back to dieting though... And you know what I hate most about people? First they tell me it'll be perfect if I could lose a couple of kilos and when I've actually lost that amount of weight, they'll tell me to gain that couple of kilos back and I'll be just perfect. Oh really? 
#ootd shot taken after I was done with the interview. So glad I left my old job for this better paying job opportunity! Cant wait for work to start!!!

The boyfriend & I. Haha. Best camwhoring partner. Ever.
Fyi, the both of us has moles at this similar spot on our face. His, on the top left eye and mine on the right. I didn't used to have this mole on my eye though, started developing about few months after I got together with him. Hahaha that's just plain weird I know and it might have developed there due to not removing my eye make up properly. SO to anyone out there, if you do ever wanna get a mole or what they call a beauty mark (???) somewhere on your face, don't clean your face properly LOL. Just kidding la you'll only end up with more pimples so better clean your face properly esp when you have makeup on!
Coincidentally did the same pose as him hahaha or can I just say we have this really strong telepathy with each other?
Guess that's just about how long this post will be!

Oh! And I need a favor from you guys! I'll be really really thankful if you could help me a tiny bit by reporting this guy named CHOON BOON on facebook. I don't usually make a big fuss out of people who uses my pictures on fb or people who tries talking to me crudely (eg asking for sexual commitments in exchange for money etc) cause at most I'll just ignore them totally before having them reported. I'm sure many of you girls out there has experienced this kinda situation right? This fella here, has the cheek to continue harassing me even after I had him reported. This has been going on for about a month now. Ridiculous and bloody irritating. Seriously. He then went on to using my picture as his fb header. Didn't know bout it only after I received a text from my friend and since I had him reported, I wasn't able to see his profile.
Not only that. He had his friends to facebook inbox me and you know just how irritating it is to be receiving spammed messages which doesn't make any sense at all? Not only for my 1st account but for my 2nd account as well. Feel my frustration people! It really is very very very annoying.
And to think that he actually created a twitter account to harass me there as well. 

Oh please, someone put a stop to this. I'm sure he's harassing many other girls out there as well . Just want this barbaric person to stop pestering me. It's been more than a month already. My goodness....

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