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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fix me.

Just how many of you feel like you're only living to please others than living to please yourselves? Yes, I do feel that most of the times. Sad to say this but I'm sure I worry more bout what others thinks of me and what kind of an impression I'll leave more than they'll ever care.

Pardon my rants but I just had to. I need someone to talk to but it's hard to express. I need someone to understand but I'm too shy to ask. The irony... So anyway, here's a quick update with photos taken recently! Shall try to nap for awhile after I get this done. Have got work later on ): My life these days? Home>Work>Marc>Sleep. So bloody lifeless ya?

In the salon waiting for Marc Marc to get his hair done!

& bowling last weekend! Gosh I suck at bowling.

Omg his feets are HUGE right?! Mine looks so puny beside his...
Told ya I sucked at bowling!

Went to have waffles for supper before bowling! Not the best waffles I've ever had but still, anything sweet is always delish!
Fruity pebbles and m&m's for toppings! Both me and Marc's favourites. 

And random photos from both our instagram!
Found this set of pictures below in Marc's phone! Adorable huh...fancy taking pictures of me while webcamming. Who ever does that nowadays? Hahahahaha.

I know I do mention a lot about Marcus in my blog but that's only because I know he loves reading it. Whenever he knows I'll be doing a post to update my blog, he'll be like "Is it gonna be about me??? Blog about me la I want to read. Please please please?" Hehehehe. So very Marcus Chan!!! Nevertheless, whether I blog about him or not, he still reads my blog every time I update. My very faithful reader. (: 

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