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Monday, July 2, 2012

Goodness for the skin.

Hey beauty junkies! As promised, I am here with a post on my updated skincare regime. It is good to change your skincare regime and products from time to time because the condition of your skin won't stay the same for long so it's better to get something that sees to the needs of your skin regularly to keep it at it's best. Like they say, early prevention is always better than cure. (:

So about a month ago, I started "trying" this vitamin essence out cause my mum said it worked wonders for her skin so why not right? Initially she bought this only because she wanted the salesperson to shut up so she could do her shopping peacefully. LOL yep. And to think that it really was worth the buy. I could see difference overnight and all it took was just 2-3 pumps of this! So I did a research on the brand before using it religiously. From what I know, Pacomeri is an established skincare brand in Korea since 2005 and advanced its way to Singapore grounds in 2008! All my pimple scars were lightened a whole lot and it really has a way with pimples! (that partly explains why I could skip application of powdered foundation on my face these days) And every single time I feel a pimple forming, I'll just pile on this vitamin essence on the growing disaster the night before and voila! Good riddance the next morning. It also reduces blemishes and prevents wrinkle formation with it's papaya extracts! You girls can get this product off the racks at any British Essentials outlets for nothing more than $80 per bottle. It can last for quite a bit surprisingly. I've been sharing a bottle with my mum for about a month and a half now and we're only halfway through using all of it! Definitely getting more when it runs out. One of the best serums I've ever tried.
Pacomeri Vitamin Essence.

Really interested in trying the high moisturizing mask pack from them too! It comes with a neck mask and I heard it hydrates like crazy. Perfect treat for the skin. 
Bought a cleanser from Sephora about a month back too. Try googling up Ole Henriksen! Seen plenty of good reviews on Sephora's website on the product itself. By far the best cleanser I've tried for now. It not only cleanses but removes makeup too! Not many cleansers are able to do that right? It has this really really nice citrusy smell and it pulls dirt out really well too, no second washes are needed. One major problem us girls are prone to breakouts is partly because of our poor makeup removal techniques and with this I can put my mind to rest...for a bit at least. I used to have huge ass pores which are constantly clogged but after using this, my pores shrunk so much in size and are rarely clogged! My face looks a lot clearer now and feels baby soft. Available at any Sephora outlets for less than $40 if I'm not wrong. Both me & Marc might be sticking to this cleanser for a long long time hehe.

Yes yes, my boyfriend was kind of a guinea pig and I pleaded him to try both products on since he has millia and it worked really well on his skin too! Just yesterday I remembered asking him why is his complexion getting better and fairer as days pass ah? No more tiny millia breakouts too! Then I remembered I am the answer to his beautiful pretty skin now hehehehe JUST KIDDING! Anyway, he's been using it for only a few days and his complexion is close to flawless now omg and I'm nowhere close. Cant find any reasons why you girls shouldn't try this cleanser out cause I'm looking forward to giving ALL their other products a try!

Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser.

Hope this post helped in a way or two for those who've asked and are in a search for a good cleanser or a serum. Good luck. X

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