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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Long month cut short.

Good noon everyone I am backkk *raises eyebrows* 
Hehe are you amused yet?
 Anyway, I will be blogging about how the month of June went for me and it will be a long, wordy post. Dont say I didnt warned ya! Yes I've been busy working every single day (excluding the brief ONE off day) for 8 whole hours with an hour worth of lunch break in between which I find absolutely unnecessary. And ridiculous for someone who wants to diet!!! Yes, long story short, I spend most of my time at work and didn't really get to meet up with any of my friends except for some who weren't busy with work/studies. Off days are spent sleeping and I do have dinner with friends after work but apart from that, life sucks. I get up at least 3 hours before work starts and the journey alone takes an hour. 

It's not that I dont like working here, I just feel that I deserve a few more days of rest (considering the fact that I am working part time for this particular job wtf) And I really love working here, it's not too strict a job and I get to surf the net & use my phone as and when I'm free. Maybe it's just the nature of the job la to work long hours. Full time workers here works the exact same amount of hours as I do... Just feel a tinge of regret though...for rejecting my mum's job offer at an established hair spa/salon at wheelock place. The pay there is at least a few thousands more? And I'd rather put in a little hard work and learn more stuffs I'm interested there then just lazeee and rot in this cold place. Oh well, till September, till September.

Pictures below taken randomly with photobooth before/after work. I haven't touched my dslr for about a month now. It's just sitting there collecting dust and I think it's time this 2 year old baby of mine took a break. So does anyone knows of a good recommendation for dslr? Leave them in my formspring so I can keep my options open! (:
 Haven't been wearing falsies out lately cause I ran out of eyelash adhesive. Hahaha yeah I know, i have small eyes. Somehow got used to using lesser makeup on my face this month after adopting a change in my skincare products and regime. Bought a really good facial cleanser at Sephora the other day I had lunch with mummy and yes I feel it is worth the recommendation! Good things should always be shared! Shall blog about it soon. (:
 So I guess that explains my oily and reddish look in all the recent pictures I took?
Pictures below taken before I met a friend for dinner. "What happened to you and marc?" Yes I know, I've received many questions on formspring with regards to what happened to Marcus & I. That, I shall explain in the next post which I'm gonna get started on as soon as I'm done with this. All I have to say - Maybe it's really fate that brought us together. I really don't get how we're still able to be so sure of our feelings towards each other and love even more after all the hurt and setbacks we've been through. Are we blindly in love or? *to be continued

 Outfit of the day! Sea blue floral bandeau top from F21 & Turqoise flare pants from Lovebonito. Lovin the blue vibe. Been digging blue for quite a bit now. What do you guys think?
 Wore glasses to work about a week ago HAHAHA and it was epic. My eyes were so puny... Didn't really look like this though cause I still had contact lenses on and was playing ard with photobooth.

Don't exactly remember when and what I did in this set of photos below but I remembered losing about 5kg then. I was 36kg in this set of pictures below. Sigh. I am a healthy 39kg now, Yes I gained 3kg just being happy.

I miss being all skin and bones...I don't mind looking all haggard. Skinny will never be enough. ):

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