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Friday, May 4, 2012

A new look.

Good evening! X
As you all know, I've always wanted super long rapunzel hair. Best if it's till the butt crack but...

YUP. Last week I got it cut at a salon nearby and to be honest I was really happy with it! I seriously have no idea where I found the guts to do it but I was looking forward to a change of style for my hair. I've been digging the look in the picture above for at least a year now! And before that I had extensions on for about 2-3 years. Most of the damage done to my hair were due to excessive thonging & straightening when I had extensions on and no proper care was done to it - something which I deeply regret. *sobs There isn't much difference in the picture above and the picture below I suppose? But yes, I got almost 3 inches of length off my head. Looking forward to getting lesser headaches and migraines now that I got a load off my head lol. 
I'm not sure if it suits me as much as my long hair did but yay to healthier hair~ :D

Socks. <3
I look the same in all these shots but then again I can't just post 1 up cause Socks looks so so adorable in all 3 shots!!!!!

& Pixie <3<3<3

She looks so luxurious here. Haha. Luxury cat.

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