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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 facts about me.

Anyway, pictures below taken about a few weeks ago with photobooth. Don't have much to say in this post so I thought of posting 10 facts about myself in between the pictures so this post wouldn't be so uninteresting. Hope this helps kill my boredom too!!! 

1. I'm clumsy. Really really clumsy. The type who spills water often hehe.
2. I used to have buck teeth but they got corrected when I was 14 with braces. My bottom set of teeth were perfectly straight but I got braces for it too cause using it on the top alone would look really...weird.
3. I appreciate really old school songs written by old English bands.
4. I've tried dieting since I was in Primary 5. Yeah that sucks. I know.
5. I don't really care to watch TV. There isn't anything that I really like these days.
6. I'm a very sensitive person and I cry easily. I think with my soft heart, instead of my head.
7. Je veux apprendre le fran├žais mal. I wanna pick up French some day. It's a really cool language.
8. I've had asthma since I was a baby and got hospitalized for it when I was about 1-2 years old. It is better now but if I could choose, I will never want to experience a relapse ever again. It is a really really scary, suffocating experience.
9. I can easily pick up things with my toes. 
10. I dont know how to swim and I don't ever want to learn either. (long story)

Few of my baby pictures I posted on instagram below!

And my lilac nails done by Calin! They're so pretty right??

That'll be all for now, will find time to update when I'm free! Sweet dreams. X

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