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Monday, April 16, 2012


Hey everyone! About a month ago, to my surprise, Low Kay Hwa mailed me for a review and a giveaway request to be done on my blog so here I am! Any 2 lucky readers of my blog will be given a chance to win 2 brand new best selling books of his! Read on for details.
The one I was requested to read was his latest novel, A Singapore Love Story and up to date, that was his 10th novel published! That's quite something right? And for someone who's 26? Woah.
Like what he wanted to portray in his book, it is indeed true - the fact that we cannot change reality, but can only change our expectations. 
A couple, preferably known as rice & noodles, has known each other for somewhat more than 6 years before they started dating back in secondary school. But life makes love look hard. In fact, I think life makes everything look hard. Happy moments aside, throughout the years they're together, they faced more problems both financially and emotionally than the days they spend dating. Noodles was born with a silver spoon in her mouth but unfortunately rice isn't. Needless to say, there will certainly be comparisons between the two, the mentality of their parents/family are different. They were world's apart, love brought them together. And from what I feel, I could really relate to the book - the setting, schools, places and the kind of people. I'm sure many of you have seen or heard of the problems us Singaporeans usually face in love? Money over love being the main factor right? For now, we're all young. Using me & Marcus as an example, both me & him are only tuned in to the love we have right now but tuned out to all the other factors that might break this relationship. I'm very sure both of us will realize the importance of finance soon to come. This book portrays just that. Alright, I don't think I should give more info away! Go get yours in stores now! For a local book, it really is worth a read! Engrossing and heartfelt. I finished reading it so quick - within 4-5 hours? Just so I could have an idea of what the ending was going to be like! Pretty interesting even though the ending wasn't what I expected. Now available in most major bookstores and is priced only at $17.90!

I was given two of Kay Hwa's best selling books to do a giveaway, as mentioned above! Here are the details on how to. (:
Simply follow me on TWITTER and mention me @chasingdistance the reasons why you'd like to win this book within a character limit of 140. I'll pick 2 mentions I feel is best to give this 2 books away to! I'll name the winners in a tweet tagged with your twitter user ID this Friday, 20th April, 12pm. Good luck! xoxo

Pictures below taken today! It was a really lazy, rainy afternoon well spent at home. Just me, my mum & the cats in serenity~
Been long since I last did what I do best right? Hahahaha.

Remember girls, the only thing you need is someone who protects you & genuinely cares for you. Someone who says, "You are fine just the way you are." "You're sexy even with PJs on." "You sit down babe, I'll make breakfast today."

We are all barely near our primes, there's bound to be someone who's going to treat you better, someone who's going to catch a grenade for you, removes your makeup for you, never speak a word of foul language to you, gives you 90% of what he makes to you. There really isn't a need to go through shit. 

That'll be all for now I guess. Have a good night, sleep tight and dream sweet dreams! xx

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