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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being in my shoes.

Some say happiness lies in your own hands, others, in contentment. My new found secret to happiness? Count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles. It works for me. Really.


I've been procrastinating quite a bit these days so I apologize for the delay of every single post I promised... Meanwhile, pictures below were taken last week when we had dinner at Thaipan Restaurant with le boyfriend's family. 

I think saying I love you is kind of overrated. So can I say I care for you instead? *equips the word care with lol (lots of love) hehehehe*

Maintaining a relationship is indeed tough!!! Not to mention tiring. But as long as both parties are willing to work things out, sparks will still fly even if it means months/years of mistakes and sacrifices! (; So a word of advise to all who's struggling in a relationship - stay strong! If you love him enough, TRY and if he loves you enough, he'll shower you with love/gifts and will NEVER let you go. Compromise. Good luck! x

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