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Thursday, April 7, 2011

You dont know me, you dont even care.


Greetings. I am this free to be able to post almost every fucken day! Sickening. Ok la i admit, i need someone or at least something to kill time on. In my case, it would be my blog. Fair enough? You guys complain i dont post often, you want often i give you often! :-* Life's really mundane now but I assure you, once the holidays kick in I'm gonna make sure I wont have the time to even think about how im gonna spend my day or to be standing firmly on my two feets anymore. Yes, I am sick and tired of waking up at 6am each morning, sick and tired of getting prepped for O's, sick and tired of eating, sleeping, drinking, worrying. Every single thing I do each day really annoys the living shit out of me cause I feel like there's really nothing that could make me laugh besides sucram. Someone save me? ): I'll be updating pretty much often now that i have all the time in the world for me, myself & I. I promise a proper, long, edited post tmr when I'm out with one of the closest person in my life ever. xx

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