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Monday, April 4, 2011

I'll lie & you'll believe.

Its been pretty long since I've updated this space...and I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. Havent been bringing my god damn heavy dslr out, even if I did, I didnt bother to take darn pretty pictures cause its a fact that I aint that beautiful afterall. ): Managed to dig through the many albums and found these pathetic set of photos to keep this post more...interesting. Bear with me.

P.S. I dont think i have anything honest to say here except for my breakup with aloysif quite recently. So please stop the shitloads of questions regarding me & aloysif on formspring ok? Im gonna make everything clear here so i better not see anymore questions regarding this over at formspring!

P.P.S Yes we have taken a break after a long 16 months and I'm pretty much sure I was the one in the wrong and the cause of it. The love you guys thought was once so strong had to end afterall. Though idk what the future may bring, we are friends and still contacting. I hope this could suffice those curious about us.

Heading over to town with my bbg xh tmr, i'll try to keep this place updated with pictures i'm gonn take tmr & this weekends. GN sweethearts & do click on my nuffnang's. I'll really appreciate it.


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