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Monday, April 18, 2011


Oh hi there. Lets just say i meddled with the html in my previous post in a fit of anger alright? For those curious or have yet to see the post i posted yesterday, the pictures are all here! My apologies. 17APR2011


I cant help but feel really glum & grouchy today. The minute I got home, first thing i did was to nua on my bed, get changed and mundane stuffs like that. I'm the type who cant stay at home even if it means for a day lo (provided if im not tired) Another day spent in waste! But good news is mummy's gonna bring me out for some shopping around town & cp after i end school tmr. Well at least that's something worth looking forward to la... Besides, i think me staying home would mean gaining the extra kilos!!! So many tidbits & not any proper healthy meal in sight. Pathetic to have a mum who cant really cook! Gonna head over to USS this friday again for battlestar galectica with sucram & co! HAHA its time i get some r&r aye? Speaking of which, mid year's starting right after that weekend so Im not really sure if going to USS would be a good idea. Forever this indecisive. Ugh. Photobucket

So yup, I'll take plenty of photos of myself tmr to upload over at facebook & this dead space. Been hell long since I last took any decent shots of myself. Soo many pretty girls out there, take me under the knife already la, make me flawless. What ya surgeons waitin 4?! Goodnight sweethearts! *plants kisses on everyone's forehead*

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