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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heart Vacancy.


Hi sweethearts! I'm here with a really quick post to summarize how my awesome weekend was spent! I promise to post all the pictures from my trip to USS with Marcus & also a Kbox date with my darling peiyi first thing i get up tmr morning (or is it considered today already?!)! :-* Spent the wee hours of my Sunday editing this stupid set of photos....plus I havent had any time left for extra revisions due to my days out and yup I guess this would be a post worth waiting for! Gonna take a break from blogging during the MYE period till the week of my birthday! Fucking sexcited~ Planning to book a night over at Marina Bay Sand's Hotel or maybe Beaufort Resort Sentosa with a few loved ones to celebrate my 16th! What more could I ever ask for?!

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