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Monday, March 7, 2011

Soldier on.


They say some things are too good to be true. Well, I've found my good and it obviously is really true. (: Been very interested in the pin up girl look on dita von teese so im gonna give it a try! Gonna pay a visit to tangs to get my mac & benefit products to achieve this look. Gahh...Dita's so beautiful! Speaking of which, i have far too much free time nowadays. I update this space at least thrice a week and i stay home on weekends. What is this!!! Well maybe things wont be the same without aloysif around. I've lost the urgency to go out & have fun, R&R. Anyway, im not gonna neglect art and my bbg's anymore. I wanna meet you all pronto WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!!! :-*

Now that another term is coming to an end, i cant wait for the holidays to arrive! I wanna go short. As in having shoulder-length-short hair. But at the same time, i wanna keep my extensions on too. Or maybe put on a new set of extensions of about $400 worth on my head? Cause my current one is all loosened already. Lost for choice... What i really want is just super thick hair, long, short, doesnt matter! Since im always home, im gonna take advantage of this opportunity to save and not splurge! Been fucken long since i last stepped into the warm embrace of topshop heaven... ): Shopping online isnt enough! So im gonna restock every single thing im running out of this march hols! From clothes to bags to make up to falsies. Ahh...so much to do. Downloaded a whole bunch of uk songs into my playlist so i wont get bored at home finishing up my homework or even when im detoxing in the toilet! LOL

Sigh...as i sit here typing, i wonder what aloysif's doing. Has he eaten his 3 meals? 3 meals is already really little for a big eater like him. He eats like 2 person's servings every single meal that is equivalent to eating 6 meals a day! You believe? Now that he's inside, he cant get to eat whatever he want and i can have him constantly worrying about what im doing! Call me superficical but i love it when he shows concern through asking a whole string of questions. Some may see it as being too possesive, i find it sexy to have your boyfriend worrying for you. You know why? Cause he'll always add "Sorry for asking too much la, i just wanna be in your life much more than what im already in. I want you all to myself." Though it may not sound as pleasing as how i put it, i tried making it mean as close to what he said. Sorry la my boyfriend typical sporean, he wouldnt know how to use such profound english! Eitherway, i hope i'll last not having anyone to talk openly to for another 12 more days! Please come back soon botak, I miss you.

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