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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My conscience hath a several thousand tongues. And every tongue brings in a several other tale.

Hi! I've been very busy catching up with school and i finally found some time to blog today, no pictures though. I barely have time to even catch my breath this week! But fret not babies, i promise to update @chasingdistance this coming weekends with plenty of photos since i'll be heading out.

So how has school been for some of you out there? I hope fine but mine was literally shit. I mean...there's never a day i'm seen truly happy? I myself feel out of sort and im not sure if this is a good or a bad sign. So when you see me smiling in school, most of the time its faked! Sigh i hate myself...im getting really used to putting up a fake front given the situation now. I could really use a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on cause i wouldnt wanna wet my pillow any longer. There's just soo many things going on within me! Thats when Aloysif comes in handy... Haha having a boyfriend is really something! You get to experience the sweetest happiness you never thought exist & im really glad i didnt gave him up back then. Happy times will come. Im just grateful he's still standing by me giving me his full support when what seems like the whole world is going against me.

There's just soo much things i'd like to rant out here but i guess having a blog has its pro's and cons. Never reveal too much. Tongues wag. Typical. So yes im gonna keep it short and just have aloysif do his job in consoling me all over again later on. Been replaying collide on my playlist since god knows when? So i shall let my readers get a taste of some really good music! Old school but meaningful. Dont forget my nuff ads pleaze, i'd really appreciate it if you could get your mouse clicking. Make me happy for a moment or two lah ok? xoxo

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