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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Made my day.

I was sitting beside my now-not-so-precious boy, seeing him play a match of dota while I was browsing through twitter on my phone. And so I happen to glance at the computer screen and saw how ugly his hero is! Something called lesale deathbringer isit? Idk la, looks more like an anteater! Wait no! It totally looks like the aliens from avp!!! And the way it walk was soo unusual, certainly looked like the head of the women who usually does threading for me! You know her head will go like back & forth to thread my brows right? (no offense)

And so the conversation between us really made my shitty day to a rather funny one...

Me: Eww, your monster fucking ugly! Looks like shit and I honestly mean shit fresh from the toilet bowl!!!

Aloysif: What the hell this monster gay leh. I like it alot sia!

Me: The monsters have gender?!

Aloysif: Nolah this one fucking good bodoh! I mean gay like he kill others very good! Stupid girl lol. You wait, I show you how a pro play. I always win one when use this monster. Fucking good bodoh!

Me: HELLO I your gf right, do I look like some dota fanatic?! How can you talk...

Aloysif: (interrupts) Hahaha okay baby okay okay I am so sorry I know I'm at fault don't talk already okay later my monster lose, I need your luck. (leans over to kiss me)

Me: Fucking hell I hvnt even...

Aloysif: (interrupts AGAIN!!!) sorry baby sorry sorry I know I was wrong to debate you and call you bodoh. But you really like gong what thts why I think bodoh suit you just now don't angry, later I go down caltex buy for you magnum gold after this match ok!!! (gives tht horrible childish grin)

Me: What the hell you still dare...

Aloysif: (interrupts for the 2ND TIME!!!) sorry lah baby please shut up for awhile the game start ready. I love you ): ): ): ): ):

Me: IDIOT!!!

Haha I was actually kinda pissed at first la but after he interrupted me for the 2nd time I was rather tickled by the fact that we are arguing over DOTA!!! Laughter totally took control when he told me to shut up for awhile. The one who should really shut up was him! Oh well...how juvenile la. And so I gained a magnum gold for supper...but I intend to consume it only in the morning! Cannot give in to temptation, must lose weight!!! Hehe he is rather annoying at times but I'm sure my life would suck alot without such entertainment!

Anywayz...I'll be bringing my dslr out to take a few snaps of us when we're out tmr since its his off day, so stay tuned babies! I might be launching a selling post during these few weeks before school reopens cause my closet is on the verge of exploding with all the unwanted clothings!!! So please please please comment on my formspring if you guys would like me to do a selling post okay!

Hugs & Kisses,

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