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Friday, December 10, 2010

I'll be right back babies!

Im currently @ a lan shop over at elias with my boy now and i swear i totally forgot how it feels like to stare at aloysif playing dota!!! HAHAHA not that im actually watching him play now la but im also surfing the fucken net to kill my boredom while he finish playing his damn game... Haha we gotta give and take yknow. Since he's been a real good boy by accompanying me to shop and have good food, its time i let him have some quality time with his beloved lan...RIGHT. Okay my dear readers, i've left this place stagnant for close to a week so im gonna make the next post a really worth-reading post. And please do formspring me if you guys would love to have a selling post here @chasingdistance cause i seriously have plenty of unwanted clothes stashed in my close-to-exploding closet!!! (some not even used at all & the price tag is still on!!!)


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