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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Better together.

Baby emp says harrow harrow!
Hey babies! I know i've left this space stagnant for the past few months but im already making it up to you by updating long, regular posts with whatever photos i have with me now. Life is preety mundane now that I've decided to not commit and worry too much about anything.
Been preety much spending every minute with my boy and no doubt, im enjoying every single moment of it. Though he may be quite a handful at times, still im glad he's starting to understand me better. Like..every single night i would never fail to get mad at him. Reason: dota & obviously the stupid cheena stories he downloaded on funshion. The list is endless!!! I got so mad, i literally locked his room door and just blast my earpiece to sleep. The minute he senses the door locked, guess he already knows im really very mad at him! So he got real understanding these few days. Understanding i meant he would bother to talk to me, apologise and constantly asked about how i've been feeling and whether all that we've been through was actually strong enough to ignore his terrible dota and stupid drama addiction. Thinking of this matter again, kinda made me all angsty. I dont wanna talk about this anymore. But for all the apologies he said, i'll forget about it okay.

zzz guess that pig will be reading this after 11 when he knocks off work.
PS. Im gonna make you feel real indebted towards me!
PPS.Im not gonna forget bout this just yet, sooo you better plan something nice over these weekends! ^^Photobucket
So lets see..the ones below were taken from my iPhone last week? Oh yeah we celebrated his 19th over at pasir ris park's watercross. Got kinda angry with all of his friends. Not that i hate them but i just cant help but feel disgusted by their actions and all... This pig here got real drunk, he couldnt even walk straight. And to add in to that, i was the one taking care of him throughout leh hello?! Ugh i just feel totally shitty that night even though he was really sweet and good to me. For the first time, we managed not to even argue. Haha achievement okay! Saw a new side to aloysif that night. It was something i've never expected to happen. All i know is he needs me. Alot. And im glad we are the way we are now.


Oh, did i mentioned that we've been fishing for prawns like crazy for the past few weeks? Whenever aloysif mentions the farmway i would shiver at the thought of eating all the prawns and spending hours at that mosquito-infested place. I have ugly mosquito bites all over my leg now!!! And also the countless of tummyaches caused from eating some of his semi-cooked prawns. EWW most disgusting i have ever tasted for now!

Sigh, guess we both have to learn how to give and take in this relationship. He's been a real angel by accompanying me go shopping, catch movies and go for the food i constantly crave for yet all i do is complain and whine! He must hate me so much for being a real jerk...
And if you guys cant get enough here, follow me here @chasingdistance! I update twitter every single day no matter how busy i am and its usually at its busiest everyday after 12am cause thats when i'll be most awake. Like i promised, i'll update when i have photos in my hands. So stay tuned babies!

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